May 31, 2022


Looking to create some quick, yet pleasing, photos for your 2021 social media game? Don’t have access to a studio? Here’s a list of tips to create your personal pain and budget-friendly AT-HOME STUDIO! 

Hang-up a Neutral or Simple Patterned Sheet

Something off-white or beige works best for making your colorful products (or self) POP. 

If your item matches your background, test different-colored backdrops until you find your perfect contrast!  

Bring in Your Plants (or other decor) & Create a Vibe! 

Bring your plants into the space (real or fake) to give your images an outdoor vibe.

Add in other items to bring out the style(s) your brand is inspired by (tools, pareos, vases, music instruments, water, etc.).

Use Props or Furniture to Make Your Product POP

Use props (hand-fan, flowers, mug, book, etc,) that compliment your model and/or product. 

Add other furniture for models or products to pose with.

You now have access to a quick and easy personalized studio in the comfort of your home!

Even in your new at-home studio, do you feel uninspired or unmotivated to post on social media? Do you ever think “I know I need to post to grow my business, but I just don’t know what to share?!”

Take a deep breath & let me help bring your brand’s story to life! I’ll provide an array of stunning, cohesive, images for you to post on all of your social media platforms without a worry! Captions? They’ll come easy with all the vibrant imagery we create together 😜

It’s time to make that investment because, as business coach Julie Ciardi said: “people who pay, pay attention!” Start your branding journey today and CONTACT ME to set up a mentoring session, social media audit, or photoshoot!