Let me promote your products+Services

Let me promote your products+Services

What is A Brand
Band Deal?

Essentially, a Brand deal is when you would hire me to do a sponsored post promoting your products/services/mission as a company.

This can include anywhere from a one photo/ carousel post to a fun reel of me wearing your products, to unboxing/product review videos/IGTV, etc.



As a Micro Influencer, I have a tight knit community and my followers truly value the content that I put out. I am constantly getting DM’s about where I get all my outfits from, what my favorite skincare products are, etc. 

By letting me promote your products will help your audience to know that you value and support a creative entrepreneur.

I really enjoy working with Kiana with Kahiki Photography. I am using their services for my brand pictures. I get a lot of complements on them. I love the style, composition and colors. I know that I will always be happy using her knowledge and skills. Thank you for everything!

Michal Arts Studio

Hanalei, Hawaii


The Benefit of Booking a Brand Deal with me:


I’ve worked with a ton of companies from all over the world from fashion designers, jewelry designers, artists and so forth. I have the experience to represent your brand in the most authentic way

Before any consultation is made, I make sure our Brand values align first and foremost and make sure that we would be a good fit to work together. 

I also value quality control, so I make sure to use the products and incorporate them into my lifestyle/routine so that I can give a genuine and real review when doing Brand Deals.

Kiana is a joy to work with, as an entrepreneur, coach and mom I am always wearing multiple hats and thinking to myself, would I bring my kid here, would I recommend this to my teenage students or to my adult clients and ultimately it was a yes to them all, she is professional, on time, creative, patient and a joy to work with!

Fitness Coach, Stephanie David

Kona, Hawaii

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