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What is A Brand
Band Deal?

Essentially, a Brand deal is when you would hire me to do a sponsored post promoting your products/services/mission as a company.

This can include anywhere from a one photo/ carousel post to a fun reel of me wearing your products, to unboxing/product review videos/IGTV, etc.



As a Micro Influencer, I have a tight knit community and my followers truly value the content that I put out. I am constantly getting DM’s about where I get all my outfits from, what my favorite skincare products are, etc. 

By letting me promote your products will help your audience to know that you value and support a creative entrepreneur.

I really enjoy working with Kiana with Kahiki Photography. I am using their services for my brand pictures. I get a lot of complements on them. I love the style, composition and colors. I know that I will always be happy using her knowledge and skills. Thank you for everything!

Michal Arts Studio

Hanalei, Hawaii


The Benefit of Booking a Brand Deal with me:


I’ve worked with a ton of companies from all over the world from fashion designers, jewelry designers, artists and so forth. I have the experience to represent your brand in the most authentic way

Before any consultation is made, I make sure our Brand values align first and foremost and make sure that we would be a good fit to work together. 

I also value quality control, so I make sure to use the products and incorporate them into my lifestyle/routine so that I can give a genuine and real review when doing Brand Deals.

I love Kiana!! She is flawless in her work and a genuine person. She is an inspiration for me, not only for her work, but for what she values in honest integrity work, supports local, and just overall GENUINE. If you listen to her in the manner she speaks…you will understand what I mean.

I followed her page on IG @kahikiphotography. Then, I was clueless on IG on how to build my business on social media. I contacted Kiana. We scheduled our first Zoom Meeting on Social Media Audit mentorship. Let me tell you…it was very informative! I was able to build most of my social media skills learning from Kiana! That didn’t stop me from learning from Kiana on how to build my business!

-Timeless Photo Treasures

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