As a Brand Photographer, I have been privileged & blessed to work with so many talented artists and like-minded individuals.

kristine punua

Mrs. Haole Brownie

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Working with this talented artist on something special. Follow me on Instagram @Kahikiphotography for updates on when we RELEASE what we’ve been working on!

Aloha De Mele

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JT Ojerio is a self-taught artist and all her pieces are hand drawn in Hawaii and inspired by its beauty, culture, and people. Each art piece created to make a statement and exude the aloha spirit 

nicole namdar

Tania Wursig


Tania Wursig is a figurative painter, her work is predominantly a celebration of life and culture, with an exotic flavour and flamboyant colour palette. Her paintings are imbued with strong cultural influences.

A dominant theme in Wursig’s work is the expression of ‘tradition’ and connection with the land. Often depicting her subjects laden with elements of nature, flowers, and fruit or in lush fertile surrounds with their gaze fixed directly upon the viewer. ‘Reversing the gaze’, is a device this artist likes to use to empower her subjects and challenge the viewer.


Erika Pearce



“New Zealand artist, Erika Pearce’s passion for women, culture, and nature inspires her vibrant artwork. Growing up in one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world, Erika developed a deep respect for the cultures around her from a young age. She firmly believes that every woman deserves to not only feel beautiful, but to also own their beauty. To be proud of who they are and where they come from. She works with real women to visually tell their stories.”

I'm extremely blessed to work with wahine led businesses in Oceania #THEWAHINEMANAPROJECT