What is "Brand Photography"?

& Why Do You Need It?

Are you preparing for a new product launch, marketing shift, or Ready to glow-up your brand?

Then it may be time to take your advertising to the next level with BRAND PHOTOGRAPHY

What is Brand Photography?

Brand Photography allows your brand to stand out from the crowd and effectively impact clients through quality and cohesive imagery. 

Having a cohesive online presence is critical in today’s market of entrepreneurs. Ultimately, your online platforms serve as a digital first impression. Building a thoughtful brand narrative with attractive imagery is key for your business’ attention and growth.  

What is PERSONAL Brand Photography?

Introducing yourself as a part of your brand is the most transformational thing you can do!

In Personal Brand Photography, we go BEHIND THE SCENES of your business to capture the personal moments that make your brand unique. These are the images that help clients connect to you and your brand’s “why”. 

People buy from brands they can CONNECT with! While clients want to view your services, they also want to see YOU, the creator, the MASTERMIND, and all of the amazing things you do that makes your product so special! 

Short Answer: Brand and Personal Brand Photography are whatever you want them to be! Every brand session is designed uniquely for YOU and the story you want to share!

Do YOU Need it?

If you want to... 

– Reach more clients 
– Increase brand awareness 
– Have cohesive, relatable, and easy to understand material that empowers your products and/or services

Then you definitely need a branding session!

As a Brand Photographer, I’ll provide you with more than just “pretty photos”. My sessions will bring your brand to life with quality and cohesive imagery while sharing your unique story. 

We’ll work together to create your vision board and carefully plan how to capture the perfect vibe to showcase your brand. Though there’s no doubt we will have lots of fun during our photoshoot together, I will make sure that we stay true to your brand’s color, aesthetic, and values the entire journey!

Imagine: No more feeling uninspired or scrounging for something to post on your socials, and having an array of share-worthy images at your fingertips! #goals. 

Visit my SERVICES page for more information about my available brand-enhancing services, and don’t forget to follow my INSTAGRAM for live tips, inspo, and entertainment! 

Me ke aloha, with love, Kiana

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