Mentoring Sessions

Building a thoughtful brand narrative is key for your business

What are they?

Mentoring sessions are curated and designed to suit your specific needs. Wether we connect in person or by zoom, you have all of me for that 1-4 hours (depending on what session), voice messaging via IG, DM, email, phone call, etc. Whichever way you choose to communicate, I got you, boo!


No matter which mentoring package you choose, I promise to work hard with you to make your vision/wants/needs met.

The aloha

These sessions are for those who are just starting up in their business. I will send you a questionnaire to discuss your problem points, needs and wants. We get together via person/zoom to go over your form and come up with a plan to get you out of that funk and/or what you want to do with those financial goals. These sessions are 1.5 hours long and include a 2 week follow up where you can contact me as many times as you’d like within that time frame for any further questions/scenarios you might have and what I would personally do if I were in that situation. 

Starts at $200

the hula


These mentoring sessions go more in depth and is for those of you who have already started your business. Have you been in business for a few months or years now, but still not achieving the goals you have? Do you lack vision and dont know what your brand identity is and where you would like to go with it or what that even means? Then this session is for you! You will get to jump on zoom with me bi weekly (2 times a month) for 2.5 hours as we discuss and tweak your vision and get you on the right path fit for your particular vision as an entrepreneur.

With this package, you also get a 3 week follow up to ask me any questions, concerns, etc. of what I would do, etc.

Starts at $400


the moana

The Process

For those of you who are a little more established in your business, but want to focus on something specific like money mindset, getting out of your comfort zone, appearing on your social media through reels/stories/photos, pitching yourself to potential brands or clients. These sessions are via zoom every week for two months for a total of 8 sessions together plus a 4 week follow up with emails, IG voice-messages, etc.

If you are on island, you also have the opportunity to use one of your sessions to shadow me on an actual photoshoot. I will show you all my tips and tricks when working with models, how to pose them in an authentic way, prop usage, location spots (that we will not be geo-tagging by the way:) camera settings, etc.

Starts at $600

“Kiana does phenomenal work, including product photography, portraits, and action shots! She offers more than just photography, and offers clients value through product and brand development and story-telling. Would highly recommend.”

-Anthony Florig

Big Island Box

"Dont be afraid to put yourself out there, the world wants to see what value you bring!"