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What is a PERSONAL Brand photoshoot?

As a Brand Photographer, I want to provide you with more than just a pretty photo. Through the content  I provide, has the ability to illustrate emotion. I want the images that I take to tell a story that truly resonates with you and your brand.

Let’s bring your brand’s story to life! Potential clients don’t just want to see what you’re selling or what you offer, they want to see YOU, the creator, the MASTERMIND  and all the amazingness you are producing! People buy from people they like and trust and who they CONNECT with! Let me help you provide a behind the scenes look into what you do and how you do your thang!

Let's work together to curate the magic you've been dreaming of!


Do you want to reach more clients, increase brand awareness and have a business that portrays your brand that is familiar, relatable and easy to understand?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you need this session!

People want to buy and work with people they like, know and trust so by posting more photos of yourself, truly warms your audience up to know that you are a real, fun and creative person 🙂


What Does a PERSONAL Branding Session with Me Look Like?


Short answer: Whatever you want it to be! Every brand session is designed uniquely for  you and the story you wanna tell!

I will work with you to draw up your vision board and carefully plan out how we will capture the images and vibe that’s in line with your brand. Though there’s no doubt we will have lots of fun during our photoshoot together, I will make sure that we stay true to your brand’s color and aesthetic!

What’s included:


-Photo Styling

-Props according to your desired vibe/Aesthetic

-Full access to my client wardrobe (Muumuu anyone?)

-Access to my jewelry pieces all handmade from local businesses right here in Hawaii nei

Kiana is an amazing person and photographer. My whole experience from the time we first connected to when I got my photos was delightful. She has an extensive knowledge for product photography (what she did for me) and the way she wove in her Hawaiian culture and spirit was felt throughout all of my photos. Kiana is very accommodating and will be able to fit all of your needs into your project with her.

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Starts at $950

Includes Photo Styling/Props+Lei 

A personal branding session will equip you with cohesive + consistent imagery that conveys quality while telling your personal story.

-Feel more confident in the content that you post

-Feel empowered to provide a cohesive look for your brand

-Have a ton of content to last you for the next 3 months or more!

-Lastly, feel good posting imagery that is true to you, your brand and overall story!

Kiana was such a pleasure to work with. She was so personable. She took a lot of time and attention, & a lot of work and effort into her photos. I will definitely be working with her again in the future. Thanks so much Kiana!

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Your audience wants to see you!